Search Engine Marketing and Cost per Click is the process of gaining traffic by Paid ads for several Search Engines.

SEO is the part of internet marketing and gaining organic traffic, after that Google has been launched paid Campaign gaining paid traffic on the website. Pay per click is more costly as compare to SEO but PPC have more beneficial for large scale business as compare to small scale business. Marvellous technologies have Pakistan Based Company which is to be providing facility internet marketing services around the Globe. Today Mostly businessmen have been taking Search engine advertising services for Google as compare to Yahoo and Bing add center. Google adwords tool are specially designed for Search engine advertising and to feature more beneficial for your online business in the field of computer or technology. Our PPC expert those have providing services in Pakistan and Islamabad.

Internet marketing has several types which is today most famous SEO, SEM and SMO used for Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

Search engine marketing to refer as pay per click or cost per click to be internet advertising used to direct traffic on the website when click on the add pay the Google each per click.

Search Engines that have been bid on the keyword phrases suitable to their target marketing. PPC “Display Advertising” is also known as banner ads and search engine show your ads for relevant websites and “Search Network” depending on your keyword group you can Search keywords on Google to show your result properly.

Purposes of Pay per Click

Pay per click has been various types of Ads like Text, images and videos etc. Pay per click ads which are more beneficial as compare to SEO have been time taking procedures which is paid ads less time taking gaining paid traffic on the websites. Basically SEO content marketing, but paid ads on any search engine that have charged a fixed price per click. Now days recently more focus on Paid campaign for generating online business within a day and have no wait for ranking the keywords.


Google has been started Search Engine Advertising in December 1999. In October 2002 that Google, which has been established Google Adwords allowed the text ads for search engine. Anyway, PPC was only introduced in 2002 before advertiser, which can be charged Cost per thousand impression. There are three biggest network all over the world Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Bing Ad center, all these operating systems handled a under bid based model. In 2010 Yahoo and Microsoft launched their combine project against Google.

Benefit of Pay per Click

There a lot of Benefits pay per click to your Online Marketing Campaign. You should know the advantage of Pay per click before using Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing Ad center. Some Benefits are given below:

  • PPC it’s a form of advertising that anyone can do.
  • It is advertised to control their budget and audience.
  • If you have done PPC advertising is correctly and you can measure the result from the target budget.

Spend Your Money

PPC that has been facilitating you can set a budget on a daily basis and editing bids on a keyword basis, if you have measured the keywords for SEO purpose, if you have an advertiser choose the right keywords for text ads or any other spend the suitable budget for your campaign and gaining paid traffic on the website. PPC gives a lot of flexibility spending your budget on daily and the frequency of your ads.

Real Time Tracking

You can track the performance of the campaign, which gains more traffic for a target budget your campaign is successful. Otherwise, you can check the keywords and bids for manually or automatic more suitable for gaining traffic.