SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it’s the process of gaining organic, free and natural or unpaid with the explore result on different search Engines. At the Present Search engine optimization has been more different and complicated as compare to yesteryear, SEO to be a Natural content Marketing are not copied that you can follow Webmaster guidelines and Google different algorithms that have been launched more helpful for SEO. Marvellous technologies that have been provide facility Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization our expert seo’s follow all the instruction of the Google and that can prevent the websites of the Google Plenty and get high ranking within 5 to 6 months. SEO organic traffic your website through natural content Marketing does not paid. Keywords have more important in seo you can find keywords through Keywords research various tools but Google provide keyword planner for keyword research more helpful in keywords selection for Internet Marketing. Our SEO expert in Pakistan and Islamabad has been providing the services around the globe.

History of SEO

Webmaster world and content writer optimize the website in the mid of 1990s, at the first search engine where the early web. At first, all webmasters needed to do submit the URL of the website and “spider” to “Crawl” the pages and returned the information found the page to be indexing. The technique of spider crawling downloading the page about own search Engine server and the second program indexer obtain the various information for the concerning Pages such as the word it contains and the words where are they located and the weight of the particular words, all links of the pages contain then deposit in the scheduler for crawling for a later date.

Site Owners they have started to realize the visibility of the website get high ranked in Search Engines, they were used white, Black and Grey hat Techniques or tactics for SEO. According to field analysis “Danny Sullivan” the wording of “Search Engine Optimization” possibly came to utilize 1997. On 2 May 2007, Jason Gambert undertake to trademark the term of SEO forcing the trademark office in Arizona, the process of SEO have been utilizing the keywords and not a marketing service. After that, it can be including of marketing services in the field of Computer or technology.

There are various Search Engines around the globe but most popular and every person use “Google”.

Page and Brin founded Google in 1998. Google they more attracted increasing the use of the internet who liked for Manageable Design. Off- page or link building factor of SEO (Such as Page Rank and hyperlink analysis) and On-page factors (such as keyword density, Title and description tags, Headings, links and site structure) Google has been avoiding the sun of manipulation in search engines that has only examined ON-page factors for their ranking. But Page Rank is a more difficult game; Webmasters have already been developing the link building tools and there are different methods prove that too relevant gaming for Page Rank. The most important Search Engines Google, Bing and Yahoo they don’t have publish the algorithms for Websites Page Rank. Some SEO practitioners or Engineers, they have studied for different point of view for Search Engine Optimization and have sharing personal opinions. Related to copyright Search Engine can be providing information to better understand search Engines.

In 2007, Google has been publishing the campaign for Paid links transfer to Google Page Rank. On 15 June 2009, Google there are finding and determined to reduce the result of PageRank by the use of nofollow attribute on the links.

Matt Cutts a Well reputed software Engineer at Google, In February 2011 Google that has been announced Panda Algorithm which websites have been penalized for copied content from websites and other source, Google update the Algorithm every year one or two time panelized the website for copied content and get there for ranking for only fresh content and searches more refine and helpful for internet users.

To April 2012 Google release the Algorithm “Google Penguin” which was the aim of the algorithm that has been penalized the websites use Black hat techniques and Webtool master Guidelines ignored them.

In September 2013 Google that has been released new algorithm “Google Hummingbird” more top ranking result with the help of natural content that reads informally.

Google that has been launched new algorithm U.S English result “Pigeon update” to provide more useful relevant and local search result.

In 21 April 2015 Google that has been launched the “Mobile Friendly Algorithms” The basic aim of the algorithm you website is mobile friendly and some websites have shown more error in mobile that can be penalized.

Benefit of SEO

The benefit of search engine optimization is an essential part of the website online marketing in different search engines.

Top positions of the website in search engines that have been receive majority of clicks, all these things depend on the website Meta title and description choosing the keywords have played a vital role in the e-commerce. SEO is the great thing for increasing the online reputation of the business. SEO depends on the content and avoid plagiarism you can choose the different words.