JavaScript is used to create mutual and interactive effects within a web search engine by using object oriented programming language. At Marvellous Technologies we engineer expert level of web application development using JavaScript instead of using standard development languages like PHP, Python or.NET. The up rise of Mobile and Cloud Technologies has made a significant impact on the industry which has caused a major boom in JavaScript development. We give complete assistance for your business solutions to optimize your website according to new market standards. JavaScript is scientifically referred as ECMAScript, which is a dynamic language and is most commonly used to develop asynchronous communication and allows a platform for client-side scripts to interact with the user to control the browser and to customize the displayed content. JavaScript is the fundamental language used in game development and for network programming with runtime environments. Desktop and mobile applications are the sole product of JavaScript, which have emerged as a great success in designing and development. Dynamic and static languages are growingly used as compile target for single-page web apps and JavaScript-heavy sites.

Odin Monkey is a compiler which has made a gateway to enable C and C++ programing to be compiled into JavaScript with a near-native speed due to which JavaScript is considered to be the Assembly language for the Web. With first-class functionality and dynamic typing, JavaScript is categorized as a Prototype-based scripting language. JavaScript support object oriented programming as well as imperative and functional programming styles which makes it a multi-standard programming language. There is a little similarity of standard library, syntax and naming between JavaScript and Java, however they are not associated to each other and have no common semantics. The design and semantics of JavaScript are determined by self-programming languages; however the syntax is derived from the C language. This multi-dimensional language is not only used for web development, but also for site-specific search engines, desktop widgets and PDF documents. The creation of new and fast JavaScript virtual machines and the platforms used on them have increased the popularity of JavaScript for web applications. JavaScript on the client side has been implemented as a standard interpreted language.