Native Mobile Application Development

The applications which are traditionally designed to work on specific device platforms are often mentioned as native mobile applications. Individual app versions are created by developers for separate devices and are directly installed on the mobile devices. Native apps can be easily downloaded from app stores and installed on the application supporting devices. The data supporting the native mobile applications are stored on the device; however, it can be moved to a secondary storage and can be easily accessed by the application. Internet connectivity is sometimes required by the native applications depending on the functionality and purpose of the app.

As an outstanding mobile application development firm, Marvellous Technologies have accumulated extensive experience in producing high potential applications with exclusive features for all leading platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry operating system. We are capable of developing multi-platform mobile applications which are designed to work perfectly on any device or platform. Our clients have repeatedly opted for our custom mobile application development services as we assure that applications developed by our experts on any given platform are secure, sustainable and reliable.

Native apps are stored on the device memory and are accessed through the icon on the device screen. Unlike web applications which can take little advantage of some features, native applications are able to utilize all the major features of mobile devices like notifications, GPS, accelerometer, contacts and camera etc. Native apps are integrated with gestures which are either standard gestures defined by the OS or new gestures defined by the app itself. They are suitable for offline work as native apps uses device notification systems and contain In-browser caching which is available in html 5.

Marvellous Technologies offer services like designing, developing and maintaining for native apps which become complicated for clients as they have to work around several versions of the same application for various devices on different platforms. To make your native applications, user-friendly and compatible with every device, we update your applications to a new version and place them in app store. There are several restrictions imposed by app store for native and hybrid apps, however web applications are free for everyone. If you want an application which gives a futuristic user experience that is consistent with an OS and operates with other applications then, native mobile application development is the right option.

Native application development is quite efficient as it is written for an individual platform which enables it to take advantage of the features of the OS and other software/applications which are designed and installed on the same platform. Our IT experts deliver custom mobile applications which have the ability to use device-specific software and hardware peripherals to take advantage of the latest technology available on a device. This feature is only available for native apps which give them an edge over mobile cloud technology and web applications. If you are an emerging business and are new to mobile application development then we can help you develop performance-critical mobile applications which take benefits from native Application Programming Interface to unlock the significant potential.